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Howard Hodgkin on Jamini Roy: BBC Radio 4 Documentary

Listen to Howard Hodgkin speaking about the legendary modern Indian painter Jamini Roy. Live on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30am on 06/03/14 and available to play online for 7 days thereafter.

From the BBC website:

"There was a time when British art critics declared that there was no such thing as fine art in India and that its sculptures and paintings were hideous and worthless. Mukti Jain Campion discovers the story of pioneering Calcutta painter Jamini Roy (1887 - 1972), who set out to challenge such colonial views and became one of the most successful fathers of Indian modern art.

In an apartment off London's Baker Street, Nirmalya Kumar, a Calcutta-born business professor, has amassed a unique collection which traces the evolution of Jamini Roy as an artist. It shows how Roy developed a distinctive "flat" style inspired by traditional village scroll painters - and then honed it over a lifetime.

Roy was keen that his art should be cheap and accessible and his paintings soon became immensely popular amongst ordinary Bengalis but also gained an international following.

Contributors include:
Professor Nirmalya Kumar, collector of Jamini Roy's paintings
Richard Blurton, curator of South Asian Art at the British Museum,
Partha Mitter Emeritus Professor of Art History, University of Sussex
Sona Datta, art historian and curator and author of book on Jamini Roy "Urban Patua".
Artist Sir Howard Hodgkin

Producer: Mukti Jain Campion"

Hodgkin in Conversation with Andrew Graham-Dixon

Howard Hodgkin in conversation with Andrew Graham-Dixon, Modern Art Oxford, 26 August 2010. The conversation was filmed and is now available for viewing.

The Wizard of Oss on Hodgkin

 Jan Marijnissen is a distinguished Dutch politician, born in Oss.

Interviewed on television earlier this year he surprised a number of viewers when he chose
an extract from a filmed interview with Howard Hodgkin for London Weekend Television in


Marijnissen's book, Enough! A Socialist Bites Back, published in a revised edition, translated
by Steve McGiffen,
in 2006, is now available as a free download on line.

The British Labour politician Tony Benn said of it, 'Above all this book will give hope at the
moment when we need it most.'